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Welcome to the home of the GREATEST ADVENTURE IN THE WORLD, that involves lobsters. The Lobster Capital of Canada Tour is a one of a kind adventure.



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There is a 90-tonne one in the centre of the town!

Shediac, New Brunswick - It’s not hard for Lobster lovers to tell that they are on the right road into this town, they just have to watch for kids crawling all over an 11-metre (36-foot) cast-iron crustacean. Shediac, on New Brunswick's eastern seashore, has dubbed itself 'The Lobster Capital of the World', not just because of its lobster fishing and processing plants but because it's been throwing its annual, internationally-known Lobster Festival since 1949. The five-day event held in early July now draws about 50,000 people, with family-friendly festivities including a mid-way and a nightly lobster-eating competition (the winner is the fastest to eat three). When not indulging in the succulent seafood, visitors take advantage of the warmest salt waters north of Virginia, on some of the province's best beaches.








New Brunswick, Canada

When did Shediac become the Lobster Capital of the World? Well, no one is quite sure. But ask residents what right their lively little town has to claim this grand title, and the answer leaps out: “Because the Lobster Festival is held here!” Shediac, indeed, has been home to this extremely popular festival since 1949, so it does have some backing to support the World Capital assertion. And of course, there is the matter of Shediac having the world’s largest lobster sculpture to greet residents and visitors alike.


Lobster fishing and processing have been a mainstay of the local industry since the mid-1800s. In the mid-20th century, local businessman Émile Paturel brought the industry to an international level with a revolutionary packing method that made his fortune.


He was also very passionate about Shediac, serving a stint as mayor, and about its burgeoning festival. In fact, he donated all the lobster for the festival’s first edition and declared that if the festival ever ran out, he would make sure another batch would be sent right away.

One of Hôtel Shediac’s meeting rooms is named the Paturel Room after this remarkable man who contributed greatly to our small but vibrant town becoming the true Lobster Capital of the World.


Lobster is Canada’s most valuable seafood export, contributing as much as $1 billion in export sales. In many ways, lobster is Canada’s representative to the world and one of the exports most closely associated with the country. Often called the “King of Seafood,” the lobster is the pride of Atlantic Canada. New Brunswick is one of the Atlantic provinces, and Shediac is often called the “Lobster Capital of the World.” Lobsters live on rocky, sandy, or muddy bottoms of the shoreline and are most commonly caught in lobster traps which are surrounded by lobster bouys (pictured above) to let the fishermen know where their traps are. Both lobster traps and bouys are a common site throughout the Atlantic provinces, and particularly in Shediac.

The town is known as the "Lobster Capital of the World" and hosts an annual festival every July which promotes its ties to lobster fishing. The largest lobster sculpture in the world is situated at the western entrance to the town.

Lobster Fishing | Shediac Bay Cruises | Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada

Whether you’d like to relax on the warmest waters North of the Carolinas, get a closer look at Acadian culture or discover all there is to know about lobsters, Shediac Bay Cruises has what you need!

Shediac Bay Cruises was founded in 1998 by Eric LeBlanc as a way of sharing his passion for the lobster industry. Ron and Denise Cormier, who now own the business, know all about the lobster fishery: Ron has been a lobster fisherman for over 25 years, and Denise’s father fished lobster for over 50 years. Along with their two daughters, Renée and Chantal, and the experienced staff of Shediac Bay Cruises, Ron and Denise are eager to show you their region and the delicacies of the sea, showing you the old fishing techniques that helped shape a way of life in their region.




Peggy's Cove Village and Lighthouse

One of Nova Scotia’s most well-known lighthouses and may be the most photographed in Canada is Peggy’s Point Lighthouse, known to many as Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse. Located in the quaint fishing village of Peggy’s Cove along the South Shore, Peggy’s Point Lighthouse was built in 1915.


The image of this famous lighthouse on top of the giant rocks with the sea waves crashing in is just as beautiful as it has been for almost a century. Spend the day watching the waves and exploring around the rocks. Visitors are reminded to exercise caution at all times, as the surging sea is never far away.


Peggy’s Cove is famed for its picturesque and typically East-Coast profile, with houses perched along a narrow inlet and on wave-washed boulders facing the Atlantic. Although this unique environment has been designated a preservation area, it is still an active fishing community.




Confederation Bridge

After four years of construction using crews of more than five thousand local workers, the Confederation Bridge opened to traffic on May 31, 1997, at a total construction cost of one billion dollars.


The Confederation Bridge joins the eastern Canadian provinces of Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick, making travel throughout the Maritimes easy and convenient. The curved, 12.9 kilometre (8 mile) long bridge is the longest in the world crossing ice-covered water, and more than a decade after its construction, it endures as one of Canada’s top engineering achievements of the 20th century.





Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island

The Island Acadians: The Story of a People. A permanent Exhibition Produced by the Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island.


This permanent exhibition, through its five sections, will allow you to discover the treasures of a people who have been present on Prince Edward Island for almost three centuries.  In 1720, the first Acadians settled here on the Island, which was then known as Isle Saint-Jean. Despite many setbacks, this tenacious people, proud of its heritage, continues to the present day in preserving its Acadian culture.



Masstown Market

A thriving family business began as a farm-gate operation in the spring of 1969, and has grown to become a local landmark thanks to our tradition of quality foods, great selection, and friendly service.


The Jennings family and all their staff welcome you to the Market experience.

Large, bright displays of the finest fruits & vegetables, take in the delights of our “made from scratch” homestyle bakery, savour our famous chowders and soups, delight in a cool offering of ice cream in 48 flavours from a local dairy, stroll through our unique gift shop and fully stocked garden center, search out local meat and cheese specialties in our full serve delicatessen and visit Catch of the Bay Fresh Seafood Market for local seafood favorites.




The Bottle Houses of PEI - Les Maisons de Bouteilles

Over 25 000 recycled bottles ingeniously cemented together to create the Bottle Houses, a must-see tourist attraction situated in Cap-Egmont, Prince Edward Island, Canada. They were built by the late Édouard T. Arsenault. He gave birth to these houses after having received a postcard of a glass castle from his daughter in 1979, an attraction she had visited on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. That same summer, he started collecting bottles from his community, mostly from a local restaurant, community dance halls, friends, relatives and neighbours.


He spent the winter in the basement of his home, cleaning bottles, removing labels and dreaming of his project. In the spring of 1980, at the age of 66, he began his construction, a mere hobby yet. As his six-gabled structure was taking form, visitors started coming in. Impressed by his work, they encouraged him to continue and to advertise it as a tourist attraction. And so, in 1981, the first Bottle House was open to the public.

From 1980 to the spring of 1984, he cleverly cemented over 25,000 bottles of various shapes, sizes and colours, into three fantasy-like buildings.

The site offers a multitude of angles for the photographer to capture the wonder of what an individual built out of recycled bottles. It is also truly an inspirational spot for anyone who cares for the environment.





West Point Lighthouse Museum


The Lighthouse

The West Point Lighthouse stands among the Island's most recognizable places. At 69 feet tall, it's also one of PEI's tallest and most unique lighthouses. Built in 1875, put into operation in 1876, and manned until 1963 when the keeper, who lived in the attached dwelling, retired, today the lantern operates electrically. In 1987, the inn was established by the West Point Development Corporation, a group of enterprising volunteers based in western Prince Edward Island.


The Museum

Explore PEI's coastal history in an active Lighthouse. The West Point Lighthouse is home to one of the Island's most complete collections of Lighthouse information and memorabilia. Artifacts, displays and exhibits tell the story of the community, the Lightkeepers, the technology and the history of PEI's maritime beacons in a building where this history was made.





Cape Egmont Lighthouse


Situated on the extreme point of Cape Egmont, 30 metres (100 feet) from its south and west banks, Cape Egmont Lighthouse was finally completed and put in operation in September of 1884, with Bruno Perry serving as its keeper at an annual salary of $200. The lighthouse, which overlooks Northumberland Strait on the southwest shore of Prince Edward Island, was valued by fishing and marine interests as it was the only beacon in the forty-six-mile-long dark expanse between the lighthouses at West Point and Seacow Head.







Hotel Shediac


Nestled in the heart of downtown Shediac, Lobster Capital of the World, the newly-constructed Hôtel Shediac is a full service 4.5 star 60 room hotel. Designed with a contemporary flair, it is also inspired by the architectural concept of the iconic Shediac Inn built in 1853, now demolished. In its heyday, the inn accommodated thousands of guests from around the world, including many dignitaries, members of the royalty and celebrities.









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With The Lobster Capital Of Canada Tour


Pick-ups in Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Hamilton, Toronto, Cornwall & Ottawa. Arrive in Montreal, free evening to go explore Montreal.


Discover Notre-Dame Basilica. Tour Old Montreal and Old Port. Pick-ups in Montreal and Drummondville followed by an exploration & shopping trip to the Quartier Petit Champlain in Old Quebec City.


Fromagerie Le Detour site interpretation, cheese tasting and boutique shopping. Arrival in Shediac "The Lobster Capital of Canada".


Free time to go explore the The Lobster Capital of Canada


Two Optional Tours are available:

Croisières Shediac Bay Cruises  $$ http://www.tourismnewbrunswick.ca/Products/C/CroisieresShediacBayCruises.aspx

A FREE Guided Bus Tour of the local Area.


In the evening you have a picture opportunity with Shediac's Giant Lobster followed by a Lobster Dinner Reception.


Day trip to Peggy's Cove with a stop at the classic red and white lighthouse for a photo opportunity. Lunch in Halifax and a stop at the Masstown Market.


Exploring the Lighthouses of PEI via Confederation Bridge with visits to the Acadian Museum & The Bottles House of PEI.


Breakfast & Return Home via Moncton Airport.

Website information:

Notre-Dame Basilica possesses some of the finest Gothic Revival architecture in North America, where it was the first full example of this major style.



Quartier Petit Champlain Shopping In a romantic European atmosphere, one-of-a-kind boutiques and bistros deliver an incomparable shopping and dining experience. Here, time seems to slow down and there's always a feeling of vacation in the air.



The historic, once walled district of one of North America’s great cities. An exceptional historic city centre, still busting with life!



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